Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another chapter closes

Well, I am about to take my last trip to my storage unit to put the last of my (now few) things into storage for the next year or so.  It should be a year of good changes so I am excited, although it is sad to close this chapter of my life: Boston.

I moved to Boston almost two years ago to study at the Opera Institute at Boston University.  It's been a solid two years here.  I've grown as an artist and professional, but more importantly, I've grown as a person.  I've met some pretty incredible people, most of whom I have no worries that I will see them again soon.  There have been good times and bad (effing snow), but as always, the good sincerely out-weighs the bad.

I have to say that I have been most fortunate to live with an amazing house of roommates this year.  Jake and Ana and I lived together the past two years, and Patty joined up this year.  What wonderful people they are...we knew that this was only going to be a two year set-up when we all decided, for various reasons, to move to Boston, and boy was that the best decision I have ever made.  We have had a damn good time as roommates.

For me, in particular, it was nice to come home to a group of friends who support me, yet at the same time, I didn't have to talk shop with any of them.  In fact. we spent more time playing Mario Party or watching the Celtics than talking business, which for me was a most welcome reprieve.  I loved being able to come home and leave the opera world at my doorstep...if I wanted :)

Last weekend, I wrapped up a truly rewarding musical weekend singing Schumann's hauntingly beautiful Dichterliebe at The Marcella Sembrich Opera Museum in Lake George, NY.  This place is like some magical hidden dream...it is a renovated boathouse that has been turned into a tribute museum to the great 19th/20th century Polish opera singer, Marcella Sembrich.  And, more importantly, they have managed to create an intimate performance environment perfectly suited for a piece like the Dichterliebe.

It is a cycle of 16 German songs dedicated to the lost love of a young poet.  In his journey, he goes through every emotion imaginable...from longing to despair to outrage to jealousy...to hope.  Along with this concert, I was privileged to join a talented cast in the play "Old Wicked Songs" which takes us through the journey of a young, arrogant, stubborn pianist as he takes voice lessons in Austria from an equally stubborn, yet complex old man, who he believes to be a former nazi...I won't give the story away, but it takes us on a journey of emotional twists and turns with selected songs from the Dichterliebe interwoven between scenes and dialogue.  What a great project to be a part of (and a terrific play if you ever get a chance to see it).

So now, simply by time constraints, it's time to pack up my computer and take one last trip to storage.  I leave early in the morning for Atlanta, spend the month there with some excited family events coming up in the next few weeks, and then it's time to start the next chapter of The Stingy Traveler:


Yep, I'm moving there sometime in September/October.  Living in that town should (I hope) lend this blog to some pretty whopping good posts to come.

Until next time!

Ciao Boston :)

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