Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Believe it or not, I still blog.

In September I moved to New York.  It has been one crazy Fall season for me, so buckle up and enjoy the ride because this my (poor) excuse as to why I have failed in my blogging ways for the past few months. In one crazy-ass nutshell, here is a recap of the past few months: 

Had a great summer of some singing and relaxation spent a lot of it in Atlanta saving some money to move to New York I moved to New York in September and I sublet a place in the Bronx I actually hate don't like at all the Bronx so I'm not going to talk much about it I found an apartment with my new New York roomies James and Lindsey (the awesome Baumgardners) we live in Sunnyside which is in Queens our neighborhood is as wonderful as it sounds SUNNYSIDE we found a rent control apartment (Stingy Traveler, yo!) we have a lot of space and got everything moved in and now it feels like home which is a great thing since I travel so much it is important that I have a place to call home I don't really remember much about October because it was filled with job searching apartment searching and all-around panic attacks because hey I live in New York now and it's time to be a grown-up non-student professional singer November I went to Atlanta for the weekend midway through the month for a gala concert with The Atlanta Opera came back to New York for a New York minute I had exactly two days to take a bus to Boston and rent a van to take most of my stuff out of storage to bring back to our (boss) apartment mainly I have this glass table that my brother gave me that my aunt and uncle gave him that I wanted to get in our place because I thought that would really make the whole place come together Thanksgiving was here before I knew it had to fly back to Atlanta for the week of Thanksgiving for two rehearsals for another Atlanta Opera concert plus the holiday with the family the week was great and we all ran a 5K called The Gobble Jog at Marietta Square my time was  25 minutes which I was proud of since I ran it without training at all flew back to New York for yet another New York minute I was in New York for less than 48 hours and flew to Dallas for the beautiful wedding of my good friends Eric Czechowski and Valerie Jackopin (now Valerie Czechowski) in the matter of those 48 hours my flights connected in so many cities it's hard to count but I'll try I woke up nice and early to get to the airport in New York for a flight leaving at 6 am which means I was up at 3:30 AM to get to the airport on time I got to see legit New York hookers working the streets at that time of the day it was a first for me and I hope a last I'm pretty sure one was a tranny who got in the car with this creepy fat white dude with a long beard I digress got to the airport and flew to Chicago spent a whopping 15 minutes in Chicago before I got rerouted on a flight to St. Louis spent a hot 20 minutes in St. Louis where I bought a sandwich and looked at all the beautiful St. Louis Cardinals gear because they are the WORLD CHAMPIONS and my favorite team of all time I digress again hopped on a plane and made it to Dallas spent less than 48 hours in Dallas and it's time to fly again these were free flights so I expected all of these transfers I flew from Dallas to Oklahoma City where this lady got on the plane she saw that I was reading a book (the autobiography of Pete Sampras, if you must know) and this hick lady from Oklahoma who sat next to me asked if I was a professor simply because I was reading a BOOK is this lady for real I don't do small talk on the plane and I don't ever tell strangers what I do because the immediate response for most people who know nothing about opera and meet an opera singer is that they ask if I have ever seen Phantom of the Opera (not an opera) to which I always smile and say yes so she thought I was a professor because I was reading I didn't know that reading was only something professors and writers do (she also asked if I was a writer simply because I was reading a BOOK) and I still can't believe how dumb she was Digression flew from Oklahoma City to Baltimore where I stayed on the plane and we took a whopping 35 minute flight to New York so now I'm back in New York wake up at 5 am to work the early shift at the Health Club (I work at a Health Club in New York and I love it so much) Monday rolls around and I have 3 auditions lined up and the Health Club (my job, keep up) asked if I could work another early shift so I woke up at 3:30 to get to the club at 5 when it opens I have a nice Zen morning at the Health Club (I love how pretentious it sounds to work at a Health Club, always upper case, of course) then I hit the auditions hard core and KILLED them (which means I sang really well) got a callback so Tuesday now has two auditions Wednesday comes and I have 2 auditions, a callback, a lunch date, and an interview these auditions were some of my best yet (audition blog coming soon because I had a revelation) and am now packing (and blogging) because tomorrow morning I have one more audition and I have to get back to the airport to fly to Atlanta (yes again) for a Holiday concert next week then I will come back to New York for another week with two more important auditions and then Christmas will be here and then I'll fly to Dallas again for New Year's Eve with my Dallas friends so ends this crazy year that has been 2011.  

I'm seriously looking forward to 2012.